Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sleeping The Days Away With Good Reason?

Oh my gosh.. All day today I have been sleepy. Like my eyes are so heavy that I feel that I can't keep them open.

I avoid the phone at all cost. If it weren't for needing on because we live in the boondocks or for my kids being in school... I honestly do not think I would have one. I just want to be left alone.. sad huh? sorry meemaw, you know I love ya!
Now don't get me wrong, I love a good chit chat sometimes, but there are days almost always that I pull my curtains closed and ignore the phone and let voice mail pick it up just because I know that I would be of no use on the other line.
People should pick this up from me, but do they?.. NOPE. So this leaves me irritated.
What do they say when they call? Talk about them them them.
Lord forbid if I try to talk about me.. nuh uh, it's silence.. I am waiting for a response.. and then it's back to "Anyway..blah blah me me me me"...
No wonder I am tired.

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