Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sad news with a little good

So, Murphy still hasn't came home. He hasn't came home he's been gone since before the snow hit here.. like 4 days ago? I am scared to keep counting. I have been so hopeful that someone will see our flyers and call. I've been hopeful that he'll wander back up because there is a girl dog in heat.. shame on me for not having him neutered.

My cousin rescued a cat near her home. A pack of dogs were trying to pretty much eat her for lunch.. she was actually a kitten.. she's had her for I think she said 6 mos. she was unable to keep her so we agreed we'd like to have her. We were worried about how Murphy would be with her.. I was scared because he has never been around a cat. (We got her last night)  He's a good dog though.. it's just animal instincts.. Now, I am not sure if Murphy will come home... I question myself... Am I even a good pet owner? Even if we live in the country.. I am just a mess over my dog!!

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