Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on Amanda Marie Allison

Amanda Marie Allison tragedy - On Jan 10th, 2011 I talked to her about my son, he dated her and they broke up because he stayed too busy for her, she said. He was really upset about this... just really broken but there was nothing that he could do. She was wanting to be friends with him though and said that a day before I talked to her on Jan. 10th that she was talking to my son about a situation and trying to help him work it out. 

To get to the update though, on Jan 15, 2011 she was shot and killed at a party with friends. I am unsure who the friends were, My son doesn't know either being that she went to a different school (Vilonia High School) and lived in Cabot. Her dad is a math teacher there so she was able, so she had other friends that My son wasn't familiar with. 
 The sad thing is there are two guys arrested for it, she was shot with a sawed off shotgun! Why would they have that in the 1st place? I just hate the thought of this. She was SO beautiful and so young, a senior this year and her 18th birthday was yesterday, Jan. 19th. Killed days before her 18th birthday and before graduation.. My heart is completely broken! 
Rest in Peace Amanda Marie Allison 1/19/93-1/15/11

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