Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is happening to my little family?

You know.. it just seems like yesterday that I was saying that all I wanted was for Steven to graduate.. My worst fear was for him to not graduate and to get with the wrong crowd and to give up.. for a girl to break his heart.. for him to turn 18... gulp (on Dec. 9).. and all of this is coming at me right and left.

First of all, He had a girl recently break his heart (a little mutual.. he needed to learn girls need more time and that he can't be so busy all the time, gosh!)... he took it hard.. what happens? He gets a rebound girlfriend..(He met her at school, they went "out" the 1st night on Halloween night to go to haunted houses & the rest is history) not only that but she's a 'Damsel in Distress'.. she has family issues.. According to Bobby - Steven called him telling him that he is worried about this girl because her mother left her and her sister.. her dad is battling drugs and she said he was hitting on her to get her phone from her.  She has a lot of baggage and issues...
Well, Bobby tells me not to overreact because honestly I DO, but with good reasonings.. I think so anyway.. I do admit that sometimes I think too much into some things but in the end it was usually right, maybe I just "flipped out" a little too much in Steven's words.. I am just so confused because Bobby went to speak with her dad last night but he went into his bedroom and wouldn't come out when Bobby knocked on his door. He literally could hear him tripping over things and just never came after 5 mins of waiting Bobby told the girl to get some school clothes and he brought her here to our house. Um, okay this is two teenagers that are gf and bf and in my lifetime I did not want a repeat of Bobby and I. We lived together WAY too early in life.. we started a little family too early.. I do not regret it but I am not ready for this.. but what can you do? I feel that if I push too hard then I am going to lose my son.. He's almost 18.. He's trying hard in school.. besides not turning in a few assignments lately and that hurt a few grades.. I really want him to stay focused. Bobby is just hell bent that this is the right thing to do.. and as much as I feel in my heart to help people, I just feel like we are getting in over our head with this one. She's got a lot of baggage and problems, but some of it doesn't seem to be her fault.. her dad is clearly "not right", he finally went to speak to him tonight.. He told the man what she told him and he had another story but said that he was having to move in with his mother because he was late on his rent (3 mos late) and that he'd like for her to stay in school.. she is in 10th grade but she's 17... Steven's a senior this year.. I do not want this pulling him backwards.. I know he cares about her, but I also know how girls can be..

 Now here we are with this girl.. she's a sweet girl, seems to be trying hard. She doesn't look like she'd come from a hard life.. but looks can be deceiving. I am just keeping my opinions to myself at the moment and letting Bobby follow his gut.. that is, until I've had enough and until my motherly instincts kick in.. Right now I feel that if I say something it's not going to go over nicely and I will say the wrong things, I may overreact and I surely do not want to lose my son..  I cry secretly, my heart is broken.. I am confused.. I am just wondering what more can we add to our plate before I lose my ever loving mind...

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