Friday, November 12, 2010

My Mom

I talked to my mom today and she sounded so bubbly and happy. She called my hubster before I woke up and was talking to him and he gave me a heads-up of what she was going to tell me.. So, I call her and it rings... rings... I hang up and wait about 10 mins.. call and it rings and rings..

 So, after the 2nd call and the look on my face like.. 'Should I be worried or maybe she's resting' .. he says to me "OH YEAH! Your mom said to tell you she may be in radiation if she didn't answer to you." - Thanks hubs for the mini-heart attack!

So, I talk to her and she tells me how chemo made her feel sick the day before. How she felt nauseated, weak and was pale with black under her eyes but today she feels better. She's starting to feel the effects from both chemo and radiation and it breaks my heart into pieces..

She gave me a lot of advice today with my oldest son, with myself in life and being a Mother and I took in everything she said and choked back the tears.. I realize now more than ever before how much my mom is RIGHT and how much I love her so.

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