Monday, October 18, 2010

So the journey begins...

 I just can't believe the news that we got in September of this year... Cancer!.. Really??! Cancer? My mother?! Really?! Someone that worked so hard, took her vitamins, was so strong, helped others...

One thing that I've learned is that Lung Cancer can affect anyone! If you have lungs, you are at risk. Not just smokers! I have done a lot of research on this disease and there is VERY LITTLE funding and research on it. Probably because they think ah, yes, they smoked so...   It's not true. There are new faces to LC -it doesn't discriminate.. health food junkie, teenager, sports athlete, non-smoker... doesn't matter.. I have 'met' a lot of people through and Where's the Funding for Lung Cancer? On facebook and I am still looking and searching sites.. you get to speak with and learn about individual journies and let me tell you this.. there are some inspiring stories, some sad ones, too. But it let's you get a connection and a feel of what you may have coming ahead of you.

This affects you deeply with your family. You love on a deeper level, your support kicks into overdrive yet, you feel so helpless all the same. For me, I want to stay as strong as I can for my mom. She needs our strength. I admit.. sometimes I have broken and my "Good Night Momma" was almost broken into sobbing as I hung up the phone but it's because I hear that pain and worry in her voice and I can't help it. She's so strong and determined but who wouldn't be scared?... She has had very little news to go on, still yet to see her oncologist so, this is a new journey. We have so much to learn and so much to conquer and I say "we" because I am her daughter and I love her.. Her family loves her and WE will do this together.

I will continue to learn what I can. Try and raise awareness...  You know, I look around online... ONLY after googling about Lung Cancer did I realize that November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, see.. I had never heard that before.. How many other people have heard about this unless they have, know someone that does, survived it or has dealt with it somehow in their life.. Probably not a lot of people. I see the statistics and it's just so low. Somehow, someway there has to be more awareness for innocent people out here that need to know what to look for, need more education about it, funding for it. Come on!

As I say all of this I pray... I pray that this oncologist is the right one for my Mom. I pray that God guides her to care for my mother the best of her knowledge and that there will be a break-through and put this out there and stop the hype about only people that smoke get this..

If you have any suggestions, any advice, anything you want to share with me or to share with her.. PLEASE feel free to message me about it because it will be so appreciated and needed. No, it won't offend me, if it scares me that just makes me more determined. Just please don't hold back.

I pray for cancers of all types.. I wish CANCER would get cancer and die a slow miserable death and leave everyone alone!

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