Monday, July 26, 2010

All Summer Long

All Summer we have had our fair shares of up's and down's.. we've had some good times, fun times and then we've had our share of things that have set us back a bit but in all, it's called Life after all.

We haven't gotten to do what we hoped we'd get to do with the kids because finances are at an all time LOW for sure in our life, nobody ever expects your health to fall apart. When your young, I encourage you to take it serious to put those things higher up on your list of important things.

My poor beagle Murphy has gotten a bad leg accident and had to have his leg amputated.. I must say that although he is getting around well in the house (when he feels like it) and he gets outdoors he wants to run and roam around.. it's still depressing because he IS an overweight dog, he is still going to have some complications and then we don't know who did this..
Why would someone hurt my dog this way? Or what if a child were around? That's just scary.  I see him lay around indoors probably thinking Why do I have to be kept up so much.. He gets his stitches out on the 2nd. I don't think he's going to want to walk back into that clinic to see that vet that took his foot off while we left him there.  I always wonder what he really thinks about that.

Summertime with the boys this year... We've had some outs and cook outs and some good times.. But not what I was hoping for. I HOPE to be able to do something next summer for sure.. ::gasps:: takes my breath away that my oldest baby will be 18! He knows-it-all... You know how that goes. He has all these plans but can't even pick his dirty clothes up or turn a light off, wash a dish or take the trash out for that matter without a constant reminder then when all else fails someone else ends up doing it but I am trying to take all these times.. good and bad and make memories and absorb them up.

I am sitting here lately just always awake and unable to sleep.. I can't rest. I have too much on my mind. So much needs to be changed in our lives right now. One thing at a time... it's not going to be easy.

Well, I think I will end this entry with a Good Night, Have a Great Day and See You Next Time!


Katie said...

Poor little Murphy, I feel so bad for him, but it seems like he is such a strong little guy and is pulling through all this with great stride. I can't think of who would want to harm that beautiful boy, but karma is a bitch..that's all I gotta say lol
Life sucks so bad sometimes I tell ya, but like you said, one thing at a time....and even then sometimes that's too much to handle! Nothing is ever easy anymore, but it's how you handle it that makes you the wonderful person that you are, so keep that chin up and continue being the awesome person I have always known you to be girl, in time all this shall pass and you can look back and go man i'm so glad that's over! lol

Ashley said...

Thanks girl :) Just trying really hard, some days I feel I'm not doing my best but I guess so much happening so fast all the time it gets that way sometimes. One day at a time though and just trying to make it better each day I guess. Your so sweet girl. Oh yes you know on Murphy Karma is a bitch and I tell you what, I call the police and you know they said they can't do anything about that.. we suspect someone but as far as shooting our dog or putting out a trap it's their yard and they could accuse him of harming them or whatever. But with the boy honking at me until I look at my window and then peeling his tires or flying around our curve at a high speed and just taunting us and sending threats through kids it just seems like he wants to keep it going so the officer told us to go fill out an affidavit on him and hopefully the judge will sign it and get a warrant for him because what he's doing is not OK and we have kids and I worry that he's going to do something stupid.. that's what I told him too. He also told us since the guy is driving a car advertising their business that we should call the parents and tell them they should get a handle on their son and what he is doing with their business name on the back of the window.. driving fast and causing problems.
My landlord talked to his dad and told him what we're going to do also. He is so upset, he knows him personally. We'll see but the boy is going to get it somehow going this rate.
I just wanted to thank you my friend, it was great to get this comment :)