Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Kissing Hand & my Mason's 1st day of school

Mason had a good 1st day of school. They brought him to the van with a raccoon hat on and I was curious as to what it was about and he was excited about The Kissing Hand book they read (Katie, thanks for the online story too-- he was so excited! lol) and he was happy to tell the teacher he had already read it "on the in nernet wif his mom" soo anyway he wore this hat all the way home, I was so shocked.. normally he's so bashful that he yanks everything off and won't take a picture. He wore it while watching cartoons too.
Isn't this precious what he got ^ he couldn't wait to eat the Hershey's "hugs and kisses" --yummy!
I thought this was so cute! Love this ^

See.. now here ^^ he is ready to kick back and relax and watch Cartoon Network, what a hard day at school =)

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Katie said...

Your very welcome for the story and I'm so glad he got to do it in his own class and he enjoyed it so much!