Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids' First Day of School

Steven woke up spunky as ever. Even asked for his picture to be taken and talked about his bus and just jabbering about school. I can't wait to see how his day went. Boy, I forgot how expensive teenagers are too.
 He has to get his schedule today, his school I.D. and I hope he has a good day. I know he will have a lot of stress with going freshly into High School.. I can't believe my son is a Sophmore! He will be 16 in Dec. -- time stops for no one!
Mason, he woke up in a good mood. Picked out his clothes and even wore his backpack in his carseat to school. Got out, turned towards me to take a picture and then he got into the school and asked us to walk in 1st and then he said he didn't want to stay and tried to go out of the class and clung onto us.. Poor guy. The teacher got him and we walked out, the tears started rolling. I walked out and cried oh how hard it is to leave your babies when you know they don't want to stay especially. He thought we were going to have breakfast with him, but we were 10 minutes late.. I sit here wondering if he's upset and thinking we lied to him about that. He was happy that his daddy was taking off work, long enough to walk him in class though.

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