Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad thing about Spring time in Arkansas

It's tornado season again and it went through just about everyone in my family. Through Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Cabot, Austin, Ward etc. It tore things up in the town that my Grandparents live in worse than anywhere, although in my town there are parts that have power lines down. I was so worried about my Grandparents when I couldn't get a hold of them by phone, when the NEWS said it hit Cabot, my heart just sank.. I called my Grandmother's cell phone but no answer. I was panicking then it said for our town to take cover. The only place the boys and I could go was the hallway of our house so we sat there, I looked at the TV around the corner of the hall and they said it was on the road right off of my road then the electricity was history. That's when you hear sirens, no, not Tornado sirens..the sirens of my children's voices. They were freaking out!
I was trying my best to cuddle them - Bobby was in a trance at the living room window staring at the huge cloud going across the field in front of our house. Talk about scary and he was sick just remember when he was a little boy and his family was in a terrible tornado and his whole neighborhood hit and what he saw he can never erase. It scares me for him every time it storms because he seems to have flashbacks and I know that he has PTSD from it.
This is a carlot in the town of Cabot
On the way to my house (headed to the country) a fence knocked down and power lines.
*These are out of order.
This is blurry but it's damage to a business on 2nd St. (on the right)
Trampoline wrapped around a telephone pole- this is one of the 2 that I saw.
More of the car dealership
I only caught one of the houses with shingles blown off, this is minor compared to some that I saw.
See the tin? and damage No stop lights- electricity was out in town
Trees down at the High School
There is more but somehow I accidentally deleted them.
These look minor and can ALL be replaced but I am thankful that everyone I know is alright.

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