Saturday, April 5, 2008

About My Man Johnny..

I am totally in lust over this actor, as you may already know. I studied up on him a little more tonight and I'd like to share. I didn't know a lot of this so it's interesting to me. I LOVE his movies, his music, the way he is so laid back, such a cool person and family man. I truly admire him.

but here are some facts about ~

Mr. John Christopher Depp, Jr.
Born: June 9, 1963
Dad: John Christopher Depp, Sr.
Mom: Betty Sue Wells
One Brother: Danny
Two sisters: Christy (his manager) & Debbie
Daughter: Lily-Rose Melody
Son: John Christopher "Jack" Depp III
Wife: Vanessa Paradis

Born in: Owensburo, Kentucky
Currently living in: Paris, France
but has a home in Beverly Hills, CA.
& and Island that he announced that he would like to take his family to live on.

Grandma Minnie was fulled blooded Cherokee Indian and his Dad John had a long line of Cherokee Indian in his blood line.

His favorite book Author is Jack Kerouac

He is a big fan of the Rolling Stones as well as The Mars Volta. He can be heard playing slide guitar on the Oasis song "Fakde In-Out" (from here now, 1997) as well as playing accoustic guitar in the movie Chocolat and playing on the sountrack to Once Upon A Time In Mexico. (He wrote "Sands' Theme", although the track is credited to "Toronto's Giant Nuts")
He also performed on Shane McGowan's 1st solo album and was a member of P, a group featuring Butthole Surfers singer Gibby Haynes.

Along with Sean Penn and Mick Hucknall, Depp part-owns the Parisian restaurant bar Man Ray.

He has thirteen tattoo's, including the inscriptions "Lily-Rose" (his first born) over his heart, "Betty Sue" (Mother), and "Wino Forever" (ex Winona Ryder), he had the tattoo altered when they broke up.

He was in the music video "It's a shame about Ray", also "Into the great wide open" Tom Petty's music video.

I am looking forward to his new movie "Sweeny Todd." No matter how his looks change, he is always still as gorgeous as always to me. I have many favorite movies of his starting with Nightmare on Elm Street.

Remember that?
Yeah. He's all that and a bag of chips.

I have a lot more to add. ;)

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