Monday, March 24, 2008

Some sunshine and fresh air

So we went to this event at a church in North Little Rock and we had a great day. We rode the train, played in the balloon jumpers, hunted Easter eggs (grabbed 5 and ran towards his dad and I..he's shy) ate hot dogs and had a coke. Everything was free. He was more interested in the Fire truck, he loved it and wanted to stay every second checking out everything about it.
I have to admit I was nervous.. there was a huge crowd of people of course but it was good to get out. The weather was alright, a little windy, just enough for a jacket but was so much better than it has been.
You can barely see him hunting eggs here but he's the one by something yellow on the fence..or is it a balloon? unsure. They had it all split into age groups so that it's fair for all of the egg hunters.

He loved this train ride with Mom and Daddy :)
Maybe he will grow up and be a Fireman :)

Steven missed out. He didn't want to go, he is all about staying at his friends house and playing games and just hanging out doing boy things, but under close supervision of their parents. I just miss him being little.

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