Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Little Boys Dream

Mason was in high heaven because he got to go out to play in the water puddles. He drove his truck and splish splashed in his boots. He has his very own tool box that he carries around to work on anything that needs repairing. So he worked on his bike. :)

I remember these days, I think I loved it just as much as he does.

He puts his little water boots to good use.

This little truck he has is old. My grandpa worked on it and he built him a rigged-up, wooden tool boxes on the back that he wrote on it (My grandpa did) it's hilarious. I took some pics of Mason earlier working on daddy's 4-wheeler and he had on some goggles, we were all trying to keep it under control so that he didn't see us looking at him. He had a paint brush and was brushing off the front of it and would get up and go to his "tool box" on the back of his truck and get something and slam the lid. Then he would grab his little red box and grab out a flash light and go back to work. So serious.

I really enjoy these moments :)

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