Saturday, March 8, 2008

Can we say BRR

This weather is insane to have snow in March ! Although the kids don't mind it and well I have to admit I do not mind it much either, you picture the flowers starting to bloom and the birds chirping lol

I am unsure if we will stay in the house we are in now or move back into town, there is just so much that needs to be done here in this house that we are not willing to do, since we are renting. We thought we wanted to live in the country and as much as that is wonderful not having close neighbors and a big yard for our beagle to run and play in, not to mention lots of room to play ball and fly kites etc. with the kids, let's face it, I would like to have a normal trash pick up and be closer to things in a little bit newer house, one that has walls that are not paneling and painted with border.. what is that about? Not only that but the paint is God awful color, some ways it looks beige and some ways it looks pinkish. Not attractive I tell you.

We still want the kids in the same schools, although Steven will still go to the high school next year, all of Cabot school district goes to the same high school, I'd like for Mason to go to the new school built and he already thinks he is. It's several reasons why we may have to move also, not that we are not good tenants, we pay our bills on time every single month, it is other reasons. Personal. So, wherever we end up, I just hope it is to where we can keep them where they will be stable. In this time of my life, I pictured having a house of our very own and being stable with my kids, and we will slowly get there. Kind of depressing in the meantime.

Anywho, I am just blown away that we actually got snow, why can't we get this in the winter when it's appropriate? haha Oh well, BRRR! for now.

I can't get my feet warm for nothing. I look like an eskimo, you should see me- haha.

Happy Winter in March for us and all that is hit by this what they called today on the news as a "Thunder snow". We got 3 in. so far.

Time for hot cocoa & a good ole pot of chili and corn bread. :)

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