Friday, February 22, 2008

Sick mama means nothing gets done

Okay, so yesterday I had to call 911 for myself, the day before, I was so sick and I was on the floor in the kitchen because I had fever and was burning up and the cold floor was helping me, for some reason when I was laying down, I coughed a little less.. weird, I know.
So, the next day I call my grandpa in desperation and ask if he can help me with the boys, of course he said yes, Thank GOD! I got me some sleep in hopes that I would wake up and feel better but no... got worse. I couldn't move. I was hurting all over, shaking and took my temp and it was 102 or 103 I forget, but I knew that I just needed to go before it got too much worse and while the boys were gone. Did I mention that yesterday when Steven saw me on the ground he panicked and called 911 and I was waving at him like no no no! and so he told them nevermind that my dad was on his way home and they called back and told me it would be free to come and examine me because there is a string of flus and illness out and I need to not let it go. They called back to check and I told them I was fine that my husband would be there any minute. Lie.
So, when I do call the ambulance the ride was hell, I just couldn't keep my eyes open and I was sweating and my hair sticking to my face yet I had chill bumps. I get on the bed and they wheel me out, Murphy is going nuts that they are taking his mom away, he is doing the beagle bark that we hardly ever hear. Poor baby. I was so sore (and still am) that every bump hurt like hell getting into the ambulance. I was coughing so much that I was peeing, I was sweating so bad yet had to have my blanket to cover me because I was cold. They get me there and stick me in a hard chair in the hallway and leave me there wrapped in a blanket, coughing and peeing on myself. Sorry TMI. I had a port in my left arm and then a nurse came to take my blood pressure on the right arm, I had to cough and I was coughing out of control trying to cover my mouth but I couldn't because of the port and she says in a hateful tone "Your going to have to cover your mouth!!" I was so weak and sick all I could get out was "I am trying... I have 'this' (pointing to the port) in my arm" she was real rough, snatched the cuff off and walked away. I sat there a good 20 minutes..maybe more it seemed until someone asked me if I needed to go to the restoom and I did, I had pee'd and my pants were sweaty in the creases and I felt so gross.. Thank God for pads. I opened the door to ask for another one and they took their sweet time as if I were getting on their very last nerve. Lovely.

I go back to my chair and sit and wait and cough and pee and cough..okay did I say cough?
Finally, I get a room and I am getting examined by this doctor that looked confused and way too old for his own good. He is pushing on my stomach and asking me if I had a cough. Uh..ya think?! So, I look and my MIL and husband are behind him and I am just in agony, whining from the aches and wanting so badly to stop coughing. This cough is driving me NUTS!

Hours and hours later a respirotory dr comes in to do the updraft treatment and gives me 2 presnidones. I ask if it will make me sick and she said "Well, I don't know, I hope not!" and makes jokes. If I were not in such pain I would've busted her in the face.

Bobby leaves me with my MIL to go and change clothes, take his work truck back and grab me some clean clothes and get the van. So, my MIL kept putting cold rags on my head until I was wheeled for xrays.
Hours and hours later they come back to say that they lost my blood work and redid it, so weee the nurse couldn't find a vein and had to call in someone else...the same nurse that I wanted to knock out is the one that couldn't find the vein. Hours later, a new doctor is on shift and he says that I have a bad case of Bronchitis and flu like symptoms, prescribed me the Zpack and Albuterol inhaler.
It seems to have made it worse, now there is wheezing in my chest and the cough is awful.

What fun. So needless to say the house is a WRECK and I can't cook and I am not hungry and do not care.

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