Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mason's parent/teacher meeting today

Went really well. He is doing pretty good. He is saying all of his ABC's, he can count to 15 with no problems, although he can count past that, he still skips some numbers. He used to butcher the paper when trying to cut a circle, well now his lines are more smooth and he has better hand coordination. He loves to sing Nursery Rhymes like "Hickory Dickory Dock", "Peter, Peter Pumpkin-eater" and his favorite one is "Humpty Dumpty". He is quizzing me with things that are alike. Although, it is something we need to work on, he knows his shapes all except a square for some reason that one gets him, he says 'box'. I need my printer to print out so many things offline, it's driving me nuts! (it is acting up..jamming paper and I am also out of ink..sighs) He can draw the minus sign, plus sign, an X, and circle. He can draw a person, sometimes he draws them with a body and sometimes he is doing stick people. We are working on drawing them with rounded bodies instead of sticks, lol.
He knows the author, spine, title and everything about a book. He quizzes me about what I liked best about a story, something I am going to do with him also is ask what he thinks will happen next in the story, or what happened before, etc.
The teacher had some cubes and asked him to 'add' one and he did, she asked him to 'subtract' one and he added another, had she said 'take away' well, he would have so we need to work on that word. He was unable to build a snowman in the right order, he also had trouble with a 6-piece puzzle, he'd get most of it right but when it came to putting the right pieces in place, he would have it but if it didn't fit just perfectly in there he'd struggle and take it away. So, we need puzzles and work on shapes. He knows a lot of his numbers. He can put his name with letter cards in order and he writes his name, he sometimes writes his "s" backwards but thats ok, sometimes they do at this age. He is coming out of his shell so much guys, it's great! The teacher said that he is telling stories all the time and just talking so much more. WOO HOO! Just wanted to share :)

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