Monday, February 25, 2008

Feeling Blue

Well, I have been sick with the things going around.. bronchitis, and flu. It has taken a toll on and me and I haven't been active in here. I haven't really gotten much of anything done lately and I feel like a slacker big time as it is.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately too.. I find as you get older you do that more and more. When I was younger I always thought I knew so much, I knew it all and thought I was just way wise beyond my years. I think that I was for the most part being that I had a child at an early age, but you really do learn more as you grow and you look back and just can't help but to giggle at how you thought and felt at that time in your life.

My boys are getting older now. Steven is a teenager and it's one of the scariest moments I always knew would come but dreaded. He is really a good kid but you know how that teen attitude they say they get... yeah he gets it alright! It is so hard to deal with but I think back to me.. and I think back to Bobby and wow, we were much worse I must say. Still, it doesnt make it any easier. I found an old tape of Steven on his 3rd birthday, it made me laugh and kind of emotional because I miss that little boy he was. So funny, always showing off for the camera. I took a video of a video and I shared it with several of my friends online. I notice some deleted it which really hurt my feelings.I thought that them knowing me and knowing Steven and his age that they being my friend, that they'd be excited to see him at this age, but I noticed that it was deleted. Wow, talk about hurt feelings. That's fine, thats how it is with some I suppose. I am learning more and more who my friends are.

Mason has been staying with my grandparents for a few days because of me being sick with this crud and not wanting to pass it along to him. I can't wait to be back to myself and get all my hugs and kisses that I miss so much. I think that Bobby and Steven are coming down with this now so it will be a round and round thing, I am afraid.

So with that being said.. all of it.. be good to your friends. Don't only expect your problems to be important but listen and reach out to them too and also with this cold/flu season, take care of yourselves.

Good night all~

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