Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I figured I better update since it has been so long. My mind has been so preocupied, sorry about that, but here we go-
Steven: has brought up his grades. They were suffering really bad and since we've gotten him placed in a special class (thats the only special class..others are inclusions--reg. class setting with an extra teacher to help him stay on task--) He's now making an A in Math! Yeah! He is also making A's and C's so WTG Steven bringing them grades up... now for them to stay up!
Other than that he is a stubborn boy. Teenage know-it-all. Still very distracted and impulsive. But we're working with it..as hard as that is. Here is the most recent picture of him. He's 15, I still can not believe that!
He is 115.6 lbs and 65 3/4 in. (5'4"?) He's tall and skinny, long feet and fingers. Deep voice now (adam's apple and all) and peach fuzz (you can hardly see it, it's so light)..oh joy the joys of teen years! ::sighs::
Mason: has been doing well in pre-k. Actually, he has been out due to being sick last week, but he went back this week and the teacher said he has been talking so much, just talking more than he ever has. I told her he must have missed them and she giggles. She has told me this for two days now. So, that makes me feel good.
Tomorrow he takes a teddy bear because they are having Bear Hibernation Week and they have a 'cave' and everything, it's so cute. He is taking my blue teddy that I have had for sooo long, that Bobby got for me and I love it, so soft. He is blue and we talked about a name for him and Mason said Baloo (Jungle Book) then he changed it to Bumble Blue..no clue. Anyway, other than that he is very demanding, eats and drinks a ton, he is 43.5 lbs and 40 1/4 in. and 4 1/2 years old. He is saying all of his ABC's, counting really well, singing songs, picking out his clothes, he knows what he wants in general and he is so determined he will get it and most of the time..he does. He's our baby. He's such a cuddler and a character we really enjoy him a lot. He talks about Disneyland ALL the time, he wants to go so bad he can't stand it, one of these years we want to take him and Steven. I hate it that we've never been able to take Steven either and hopefully he isn't that old before we get to go.
He loves this red-camo Arkansas Razorbacks hat. He is showing it off. (hehe)

Bobby & I are doing okay..considering finances but other than that we are good.
He's a hard working man and a good daddy. We are talking about him doing more with Steven hopefully that and us just spend one on one time with him.. he may not like it but he will be 18 before we know it and it makes me cry thinking about it. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!?

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Katie said...

Sounds like they are both doing great and I'm so glad to hear how fantastic they are both doing in school, An A in math huh?? Can't say i ever got that LOL WTG steven! The pictures look awesome and they both look so extremely happy. Isn't there a point where you just want to freeze time and just leave them right where they are? I can't believe how fast time flies and here Mason is going to be having his big 5th birthday in a few months. Goes by way too fast! ((HUGS))