Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update on the sick children

Well, Steven's knee is ok, just sore, he pulled something in it, but he is to take motrin for it when it hurts. They both have colds and Mason has an earache. Joy.
We talked about Steven's Urticaria (sp?) and they referred us to an Allergy clinic near us. We still want some more answers to this. When he has random break outs, he has big/huge knots that rise on the top of his feet, he has a red rash all the way down his legs, it looks really scary and he is in agony. Usually after a bath or shower, in a pool, or going outside in hot or cold temp, just very random and could go months, even years without this happening so this is what has us wondering what in the hell is going on with our child. For now we give him Clariton. We think it makes it disappear but the weird thing is, it can come and itch him to death and then all of a sudden it's gone and he is fine. Crazy.
Okay, anyway so I found out the boys stats:
Steven- 15 yrs old 65 3/4 in 115.6 lbs
Mason-4 years old 40 1/4 in 43.5 lbs (diff scales say diff things of course)

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