Saturday, November 24, 2007

Update on Lizzy

I remember when she was born... seem's like just yesterday..
I had the privelage to be there to wait with my baby sister before
she was born and to experience seeing my niece for the first time.
I wasn't able to be in the room when she had the c-section
[that's A-Okay with me ha!] but I saw her when she came back
into the room. What a beauty she is.

Ok so this is my neice miss Elisabeth (Lizzy) and she is now taking a few steps, she has two teeth and she is cutting another. She has gotten so big so fast. It's so neat to watch how my little 'bunch' of neice's and nephew's have grown before my eyes. I just had to share this cutsie update on her. She is talking a little bit...and yelling too-she yells "DADA!!" to get her daddy's attention. I can't believe that Feb. 8th she will be ONE!

Time sure flies by!

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