Friday, November 2, 2007

Mason's trick or treating night alone

Well, this year Steven decided he didn't want to dress up or go with us and wanted to go to a friend's house. I thought he'd want to go get some candy but nope.. my baby is growing up. :(
So, this is taken before we took him to his friend, Taylor's. He is actually still at Taylor's but I told him that he is coming home for sure tonight. He has had some fun.
My clan before we left

Mason takes his spiderman role seriously. Steven is just goofing off with an old mask of Mason's lol
Mason had to hold daddy's hand. He wasn't into the running door to door like the other kids. It was kind of creepy at some houses. They had a very good set up all around the neighborhood. I loved it. Here in the pic above, the lady is giving him candy out of the green bucket and a small slip of paper with a penny taped to it that has a name and number for pony lesson's which I thought was cute.
Mason is checking out the kid's running next door. Every scream and he is there with his eyes. He was very leary of his surroundings hehe I loved the smoke machines, the music and the yard display's, I wish I had taken pic's of them, but some didnt turn out or I just didn't think about it at the time. So many kid's were running up and down the roads.

Ok his feet were getting tired now, he's almost ready to go....

This picture is where Bobby's leg got grabbed by what he thought was a yard display of a corpse but nope it was a guy lying on the ground to scare you and obviously it shook him up he had to come and tell me about it and wanted me to take a picture of it, but I didn't lol
Mason's face was getting hot he said. The temp was great but being in a mask like that it would drive me nuts too, so I can't say I blame him.
Also, we had his extra one that you just put on the front with velcro he wore that one some (the one Steven had on in the top picture) and so that wasn't so bad. After about 2 blocks or maybe more he was ready to go home. He had plenty of candy, more than he needed. He has had a fall festival which I will try and get that slide show on here. It will be his 1st day of preschool, pumpkin patch field trip, and his fall festival at school and then some new pics as we go.
I will add one of Steven as well. Since he is in Jr. High and the Mom thing is not cool anymore with him, then I don't get many pictures of him doing things. I get some from his friend's of him skating and things like that. [haha]
It turned out to be a good holiday though, he had tons of fun. Steven had fun as well at his friend's house. So it was really nice. I can't wait until Thanksgiving next YUMMY!!

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Trista said...

Mason looked so cute! He's so tiny and short, it's so sweet!