Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a little update on my boys

It has been a while since I've written about how things are with the boys so I thought I would update a little bit.

First of all they are sure growing. It is so amazing to me that Steven is going to be 15 on December 9th! How can that be? Mason will be 5 on April 19th, I just can't picture Steven in High School next year and Mason in kindergarten HELP time slow down! [haha]

Steven is doing pretty good for the most part. His grades vary, he tries so much harder this year than last. He's had some slip ups and bad days but hey, he's a teen boy for one then the pressures of Jr. High and ADHD to boot. There is always room for improvement for his grades.

Mason has really done so much better adapting to his classroom. He likes his teachers and he has 2 best friend's Jack and Zachary. I am becoming close to some of the parent's as well which is a nice feeling for me. It makes things feel special with Mason as well. So far we've been on the Pumpkin Patch field trip, then we had the Fall Festival party in his classroom, which was tons of fun. Now we are having a Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow, which I am in charge of bringing rolls and I will go and be with Mason. I will need to bring $1.00 also. Also, there is another field trip coming up November 30th, which should be interesting. I will update that and share pictures as well.

So, so far so good. =]

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Katie said...

Sounds like the boys are doing fantastic! Kamden has a Thanksgiving feast coming up on monday and then another field trip the 27th. I can't wait to see pics from Mason's. Let me know how the thanksgiving feast goes, i'm still debating on staying at Kamden's or not.