Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow, it's been a while

Ok so Mason had a field trip on October 17th and I got to go with him, it was
a blast! I rode the bus with him also, with some other parent's and it was nice
to meet other mom's, even if the bus was a little leaky and bumpy lol
He loved having me along with him. I was in charge of Jack R. also, one of
his good friend's. He was sooo adorable and so sweet. He stayed right with
me and minded me so well. I really had a great time, it rained a little on us
at 1st but it didnt last and we still had fun.
Here are some pics below---Mason wouldnt put his face behind any of these...wahh lol
His class (minus the one's that didn't come to school that day)

Up close

Checking out the animal's

Very excited little boys :)

Hmmm!! So many choices......
Found one!!

The covered hay ride (rain)- it was still fun :)

Other than this... the kids are doing over all pretty good.
Steven is making good grades as of now, he has had a few
times where he was having to be redirected and some assignments
incomplete and have to stay after school, and one instance where he
was sassy with a teacher but there was a big story behind that, and
we cleared it up. He has a hard time keeping his hands still and not
drawing on himself, he is fidgety and so one teacher suggested a
stress ball and he uses it and I thought that was a good idea.
Monday I have a parent/teacher conference at 2:15 for Mason
and I will find out when I can speak with Steven's teachers if they
need me, but we just had an IEP meeting not long ago and we keep
in contact through email all the time so I figure I pretty much know
what's going on with him, we had a company dinner for Bobby's job
the night of the conferences and we had reservations and so we went.
Bobby was in the hospital from September 8th-11th and now he is sick
again. He tried to go deer hunting and he came back sick where he
feels shortness of breath, just kind of feels bad. Feels hot, he skipped his
meds and that wasnt smart, plus left his ashtma treatment here.. so he got
that when he got back and then took an aspirin, put his sleep apnea
(c-pap) machine on and hopefully he will be fine until in the morning
he has an appointment with his heart doctor, thank God!
I will think of more and come back to update soon..

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