Monday, July 30, 2007

Can you believe how fast time flies?

It just seems like yesterday that he was running around driving me completly nuts by getting into things, constantly diving off of furniture, destroying his toys, in the biting stage, walking him to the bus stop.. now he is almost 15 yrs old and that is just scaring me. We are going to look into Drivers Education soon, I think its a good idea for all kids. Not to mention its better on your insurance, but mostly for the sake of the kid's.

Mr. Mason is going to preschool, I just cant get over that. He is ready, we just have to get him a backpack, he wants a Spiderman 3 backpack. He has yet to see the movie but he saw the trailer on the net and oh he was glued to it! lol
Steven has his backpack, some clothes from American Eagle, Hollister, Jc Penny's, supplies, socks, dvs skater shoes, a hat that he loves. He got spoiled by my grandparents this weekend. Plus I ordered him the Hollister shirts to get him started. Oh the trends!
I remember what it's like though and to see him happy makes me happy. Here they don't
wear uniforms. That's a good and a bad thing. Money wise it would be better but Mason freaks over buttons and wouldnt keep his pants tucked and darn sure wouldnt be able to undo a belt to potty and Steven wouldnt wear a belt. We went through the whole uniform thing with him. Constant calls about him taking his belt off, or his shirt untucked. lol
School starts here Aug. 20th. Mason gets to meet his new teacher that day and then starts Aug. 21. Steven actually starts on the 21st :) It is going to be good for them to be around kids. I say that but inside im a lil nervous too. I will hope for the best though. You'll hear about it if it goes bad, Ill have to vent. :)
I have some pics to add soon

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