Friday, June 29, 2007

.:Update Friday:.

TGIF... not sure what we will do this weekend. I am just glad its here, not like we will be doing anything much, but at least it is here and we will be together. Id love to do something for the 4th, we are trying to figure out what we will be doing.

Me~ Just tired, I have been so tense lately and so hyped up and upset and now im just tired. Im achy, but on another note.. Ive got a lot to do today so Ill get over that. I have to finish the laundry and few dishes and vaccum the floor, get Mason to clean up his room and straighten things up on my desk. The desk is the worst part lol

Bobby~ just healing up with his arm, its a little sore and swollen but healing. He went back to work today so I'll find out how he did later.

Steven~ at his friends house down the road playing playstation, he always has the latest, coolest games according to Steven lol

Mason~ is bored... he is playing with his cars on his cars rug and watching Scooby Doo meets Batman for the millionth time. Yipee! He just told me earlier that his daddy says "Brush u teeth in da morning and in da night" I said thats right! He said I will again tonight too! He is something else. We've been telling him this all along of course but they just had this talk yesterday again so he is on it now. He is also ready for preschool, but that's not until Aug. 20th. lol

That's it for now..

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Trista said...

Glad to hear Bobby is okay. He's had it rough lately!!!! ♥Trista