Sunday, December 17, 2006

Grandpa Santa

Mason just had the hiccups and said Oh my gosh mom i need some daytime cough medicine. He is silly. Then he sneezed and said "BWESS MEEEE!" because i didnt say it 1st. LOL he is silly. Dont you love toddlers? He cracks me up. ONLY when he and Steven arent at it. All morning long they have been wrestling, arguing and just being loud. Yes, Steven argues with his 3 yr old So, what i did was tell Steven to vacuum. Yes, to over-ride the noise of arguing- just vacuum!! lol It worked. Mason sat down and was quiet and Steven was working.. Voila!
We had a good day yesterday, we went to my moms for Christmas (her dad comes from Millington, TN to have Christmas with us) and he looks JUST like Santa Claus to Mason too. We had Mason to call that Santa line 1-800-972-6242 (have your kids call it, its so cute and its different everyday) and he told Santa that he wanted power rangers.. well what do you know.. when we went to moms yesterday what did he get from grandpa? A power ranger, it was so cool he ran up to him and was patting his arm and said 'MANK YOU SANTA, MANK YOUUUU!!!" everyone was rolling. He should have dressed as Santa that would have been really cool LOL

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